Time Logger

With Time Logger, you can track your time & application usage in real time, so you can easily manage your life day by day.

Time Logger is not just a new time reporter tool for Mac.

Time Logger is the first step into your new work tracking experience. We have created a tool with a carefully designed user experience, based on the collected feedback from users who struggle with existing solutions.

With Time Logger, you can track your time spent on different tasks and projects. It can also track your application usage in real time, so you can create detailed reports based on the recorded statistics. Since we are all humans, we make mistakes, so you have the possibility to edit or add your time afterwards with the help of the calendar or the timeline view.

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Calendar and Timeline viewpoints

Daily tasks can be added and viewed from the timeline. Clicking anywhere on the timeline will display a list of work performed and applications that were in use for the selected day.

Users can return to past events and change statistics if work had been conducted without the application. The calendar tab is a great feature for general overview of stats, progress, and planning.

Projects, Task, Subtask - All supported

The project management screen allows users to create master projects with associated tasks and sub-tasks. Project details such as date started, overall time worked, hourly fee, income accrued, number of tasks, notes, and customer are included.

Users can move tasks from one project to another, add sub-tasks, or merge entire task or sub task to another project.


Sends smart notifications to make sure you do not miss a minute from your daily work.

Track applications

Time Logger records your application usage, so you will know what was used during a specific task.

Smart Reporting

Reports can be manipulated with various filters like projects, customers and time frames.

iCloud backup

It uses iCloud to save and sync your data

Cross platform

Use your iPad to modify your times on your way.

Comfortable and simple User Interface

Well designed intuitive interface